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  • Iago Chinuri 2017

    Iago’s Chinuri 2017 (with skin contact) was fermented and aged traditionally with the skins in qvevri for six months. His only intervention is a sprinkle of sulphur, bringing the total SO2 to a miniscule 28 mg/litre. Iago explains “If the whole winemaking process proceeds naturally like this, it makes a better wine. I almost never […]

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  • Pheasant’s Tears Chinuri (Skins) 2017

    This is the same grapes as for the Chinuri no skin version but is aged one month on both skins and stems (20-30% added back). The result is a slightly cloudy pale amber gold colour like a very pale honey. Maceration on skins and stems completely changes the aromatic profile with strong spice, smoked nuts, […]

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  • Pheasant’s Tears Kisi Khikhvi 2017

    Kisi: from eastern Georgia, in Kakheti, is a low yielding aromatic variety with very distinctive exotic floral aromas. Both qvevri and European style wines are very perfumed and floral. Delicious with aromatic foods. The wines made traditional can be full of fresh pears, white flowers, tuberose, marigold and tobacco. Khikhvi: Low yielding Kakhetian grape variety […]

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  • Pheasant’s Tears Poliphonia 2017

    “Harmonic chaos” is how John Wurdeman describes this blend of 417 indigenous Georgian grapes. Polyphony or Poliphonia is a vineyard with 1-10 vines of each of the 417 varieties. This micro-vineyard is harvested in 3-4 sweeps, as the grapes all ripen at different times, so one ends up with white, golden greenish, blue, purple, grey-pink […]

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  • Pheasant’s Tears Rkatsiteli 2017

    An orange wine and a classic for any who are curious to try this oxidative, unique style. This Rkatsiteli was fermented and aged in qvevri, or clay amfora, for six months. The slow intake of oxygen makes this wine distinctly not gold, not brilliant, but appetizing. Aromas of raw honey, walnuts, and lightly dried apricots […]

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  • Pheasant’s Tears Shavkapito 2017

    Earthy tobacco and leather mingle with fresh damsons, ending with substantial tannins. Decant and enjoy with red meats. A vibrant and earthy organic red from Georgia in the Caucasus made with this rarely seen grape variety. Produced in a traditional style using qvevri – clay vessels lined with beeswax and buried in the ground – […]

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  • Pheasant’s Tears Tavkveri 2017

    The Tavkveri is from Kartli, in central Georgia, the same vineyard as Chinuri. It is similar to Cabernet Franc as a red wine; at least the French often say it reminds them of this! It was a varietal favoured at the royal table but is now very rare, Pheasant’s Tears being the exclusive producer at […]

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  • Pheasant’s Tears Tsitska 2017

    Thought to be one of the oldest grape varieties in Western Georgia. It is a late ripening grape that can often be quite spicy, richly textured and full of honey aromas. Give high acidity wines that are excellent for sparkling wines. Tsitska is a native, widely distributed standard variety of grapevine that provides high quality […]

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