Alta Cima 6330 Bordeaux Blend 2011

Alta Cima 6330 Bordeaux Blend 2011


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AltaCima 6330 (The way of the grapes)

The vintage started in the middle of April with the first reception of grapes and ended two months later when the last wine completed its malolactic fermentation.
But this isn’t the end of the work, it is just the beginning, because we must create with this first step, the young wine, the face and the body of this new winery, in other words the final wine that represents us.

We’ll try to explain to you the process to produce the first step of our wines and touching a little of the next step to follow.  First the varieties that make the AltaCima 6330 are Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Petit Verdot.  Our Merlot is very fruity, and intense with soft tannins and with a little dry fruit. The AltaCima’s Cabernet Sauvignon represent our strength to raise our winery, it’s a powerful wine with a dark violet-red color, balanced tannins and soft astringency, with a full body that fills the mouth, and with a soft touch of cassis in aroma and flavour.

We made this wines starting in the vineyards, with plants well trained and with special care in the quality of the grapes. We’re managing the vineyards to restrict the yields to obtain the best quality grapes, it’s the only way to produce a great wine, we say “A great wine is only produced by great grapes, but the bad wines may come of great grapes or bad grapes”.

The harvest of the grapes or the vintage are made by well trained people who select in the vineyard only the good grapes and only the good grape enter the winery. To protect the quality of grapes we use cases to carry them to avoid hit and crush and they are put over a truck. All our vineyards are surrounding the winery and the distance to transport the grapes are very short, all this thought to preserve the quality. The grapes enter in the winery at the second floor and they are unloaded to start the process.

As a second “quality’s line of defense” we have in the winery reception one selecting table where four people select and eliminate the few grapes left with problems of fungus and immaturity, the leaves, and other undesirable parts of the grapes.

The selection and the crushing are made over the tank and only with gravity.

After the table, the grapes fall in the crushing machine which is over the tank. That was made to avoid the use of pumps to move the must (grape + juice) from the reception to fill the tanks.

We only have in the tanks the juice and the grape’s skins. This must pass 5 days of cold maceration to extract color and fruitiness. Then to produce wine we must fermentate this juice. For that we use selected yeast that use the sugar of the juice and transform in alcohol. With new pumping techniques and controlling temperatures we extract the color, flavors and aromas of the grapes at our desire. This process sound easy, but you never have to turn around your back, even at night, because the quality obtain by the work of many years to grew a balanced vine and grape may go to, well, to trash in just hours. That’s simple.

When yeast use all sugar (transforming to alcohol) and die, then we obtain the young wine. This wine made his malolactic fermentation in tanks and oak barrels.

Then the ageing process starts, with weeks, months even years of evolution, first in the tanks then in oak barrels, and finally in bottles. At the same time we taste the wines and follow the progress, choosing our favourite wines and creating new ones, blending those favourites with the best wines in this evolution.

Our final goal is to produce a Premium quality wine, and we are permanently working to improve our process and our final product.

Don’t forget that process is made without any damage to environment, that is because we have two plants for clean residuals water of solid and organics disposals. Another interest point is the fact that we never use chemicals for cleaning in the winery, then we don’t contaminate the water.


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