Fernet 1882 750ml

Fernet 1882 750ml


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‘Fernet 1882’, is made by liquor company Porta Hermanos and aims to draw success through nationalistic pride for the drink, perhaps tapping into the Falklands spirit of yesteryear. Finally, a fernet made for Argentines by Argentines themselves.

Fernet 1882 is made to taste better with coke (the Argentine way), and in blind taste tests, most participants favour Fernet 1882, proving to Branca loyalists that there is another option.

Fernet 1882’s strategy is to appeal to young drinkers through humour and creativity. The marketing department has created art exhibitions to capture people’s attention, as well as a set of commercials involving pop animation, modern music and quirky offbeat humour. The ad campaigns aim to appeal to the absurdity of young Córdoba humor; the marketing team filled Córdoba’s main street La Cañada with 1,882 blue metallic dolphin balloons in July 2007, which drew massive attention from the media, tourists and even Córdoba residents.



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