Padro i Familia Dorado Amargo Vermouth

Padro i Familia Dorado Amargo Vermouth


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The essence of a vermouth is the combination of aromas and flavours provided by the plants with which it is made.

Artemisia is the main herb which was originally used to make vermouth; however, there is another herb which is also often used: Gentian, which contains what is probably the bitterest substance to be found in the world: Amarogentin. We wanted to experiment a little with this herb, discover the pleasures of the bitter taste, by making a bold and seductive vermouth.


The base wine is made with Macabeo with a good structure which allows the wine to be aged and which is also characterised by the fact that it is organoeleptically very neutral – since we don’t want it to interfere with the action of the exceptionally bitter herbs we have chosen.


A blend of aromas of wild and dry woodland herbs with a subtle mineral note.
Balsamic, refreshing and elegant with perfectly-balanced bitter-sweet sensations.

Vermouth made from a unique infusion of aromatic herbs and aged in the barrel before bottling at our winery.


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