Padro i Familia Rojo Amargo Vermouth

Padro i Familia Rojo Amargo Vermouth


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We have made this new Padró & Co. Vermouth to accompany you in those memorable moments and places in your life: relaxing after a long day at work, enjoying a just-the-two-of-us drink with someone special or your own personal cocktail and even, well why not……. out on the town and in party mode.


We start this vermouth off with an initial infusion consisting only of mountain herbs noted for their small roots and very aromatic flowers. The vermouth then absorbs these aromas whilst resting for the next two years in wooden barrels.

Following the ageing process, a second herb formula is added, a blend of plant bark and roots found in our area and which increase the intensity of the flavours and give the Vermouth its bitter essence.


Zesty sensations of ripe orange peel on the nose with a subtle blend of cinnamon spices. Balsamic notes of cloves and also dried fruits such as dried apricots. Very smooth and full-bodied in the mouth, fresh orange memories followed by a pleasant bitterness reminiscent of tobacco, cinchona bark and honeyed caramel.

Vermouth made from a unique infusion of aromatic herbs and aged in the barrel before bottling at our winery.


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