Pheasant’s Tears Chinuri (Skins) 2017

Pheasant’s Tears Chinuri (Skins) 2017


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This is the same grapes as for the Chinuri no skin version but is aged one month on both skins and stems (20-30% added back).

The result is a slightly cloudy pale amber gold colour like a very pale honey. Maceration on skins and stems completely changes the aromatic profile with strong spice, smoked nuts, orange citrus fruit rind, honey, curry leave, mescal and even stronger minerality; it actually smells riper and richer.

The stems are definitely felt in the more dried leaf/dried herb notes. Medium weight with a lovely thick texture but this time there are light grainy tannins cutting it off in the mid palate. Rich flavours of evolved pear and blood orange, honey, spice, orange blossom and definitely a salty umami character.

The finish is sweet, sour, salty and lightly tannic creating a mouth-watering sensation never seen in wine without skin contact. This will marry with a wide range of savoury courses and can be drunk on its own.


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