Pheasant’s Tears Kisi Khikhvi 2017

Pheasant’s Tears Kisi Khikhvi 2017


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Kisi: from eastern Georgia, in Kakheti, is a low yielding aromatic variety with very distinctive exotic floral aromas. Both qvevri and European style wines are very perfumed and floral. Delicious with aromatic foods. The wines made traditional can be full of fresh pears, white flowers, tuberose, marigold and tobacco.

Khikhvi: Low yielding Kakhetian grape variety that can produce a wide array of styles ranging from dry to sweet. It is the grape variety for the fortified PDO Kardenakhi. The wine can be heavily floral and aromatic with dried figs and apricots which are accentuated when made in qvevri. The monks at the Alavedri monastery make an exquisite wine from this grape.


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