San Leonardo Villa Gresti Merlot Carmenere 2011

San Leonardo Villa Gresti Merlot Carmenere 2011


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With the charisma of tradition, this wine has the authority of an historic wine married to a dynamic vitality which is unmistakably modern. Seducingly versatile, it has the strength of Merlot which magnifies the typically graceful style of Tenuta San Leonardo wines.  Well balanced, it immediately plays a leading role, velvety, almost caressing in its organolepctic whole with a determined finish, pleasant and involving to the palate. A masterly structure which is dense and variegated, to be enjoyed in time.
VINE TYPE:  ?_Û¬Villa Gresti is born from a selection of the Estate’s best Merlot grapes with an infusion of Carmenère. (Merlot 90%, Carmenère 10%)
AGE OF VINES:  ?_Û¬From 10 to 20 years.
YIELD PER HECTARE:  ?_Û¬From 50 to 60 quintals/hectare (2.25 to 2.67 tons/acre).
HARVEST PERIOD?_Û¬:  The grapes are picked when perfectly ripe towards the end of September.
VINIFICATION?_Û¬:  Grapes are hand-selected on a conveyor belt, then de-stemmed and soft-crushed, with minimal use of sulphur dioxide. The juice ferments and macerates on the skins for a long period of time, during which the cap is punched down daily. The must is cold-clarified by allowing the lees to settle.
MATURATION?_Û¬:  After fermentation in cement tanks, the wine begins to mature in small 225-litre barrels, where it will stay for 12 to 14 months..
BOTTLE AGEING:  ?_Û¬For at least 12 months before released onto the market.
SENSORY ANALYSIS?_Û¬:  Intense ruby red, it has a broad, pervasive nose with lingering notes of tobacco and intriguing hints of vanilla and cocoa powder. The palate finds a perfect balance of softness and acidity with the sweet, elegantly assertive and velvet smooth tannins that are the hallmark of this variety.
FOOD MATCHES:  ?_Û¬An ideal partner for red meat dishes, poultry, roasts, braised or stewed meats, game and mature cheeses.
AGEING POTENTIAL?_Û¬:  10 years or more.
ALCOHOL?_Û¬:  13% vol.
FORMATS:  ?_Û¬Available in Magnum and 750ml


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