Standard Wormwood Distillery Agave 45%

Standard Wormwood Distillery Agave 45%


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To be able to bring this spirit to life we brought up a whole Agave Horrida from Texas for this limited release to distill an Agave and local NY corn thin mash distilled with wormwood.  We use the whole Agave, hearts and leaves, and smoke it upstate at our farm for a full day using both mesquite and spent oak from our Wormwood Rye ageing.  This leads to a balance between the smooth spiciness of a tequila coming from the leaves of the agave and a subtle smokey ember finish from the agave heart being vapour-infused during distillation, with the wormwood tying together this complex arc.  Spicy fresh cut pepper notes come through on the nose to give way to a subtle smoky tropical finish and a lingering salinity – distinctly an Agave spirit in its own category.  Full-bodied and smooth, so great for both sipping straight and also mixing into a spirit-forward Daiquiri.


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