Teusner Playground Dr. Frank Durif 2014

Teusner Playground Dr. Frank Durif 2014


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Each vintage, we monkeys at Teusner can’t resist the opportunity to play around with small parcels of interesting stuff. Mostly small batch makes and more often than not one offs.

The ‘Playground Series’ lets us show off what comes from mucking around. “We’ve got a thing about big black things at Teusner…big black dogs, big black utes….and big black reds.

Dr. François (Frank to his mates) Durif, French botanist extraordinaire of the late 19 century ‘mated’ Shiraz with Peloursin and named the resulting love child after himself. Why the Americans call this gear ‘Petite Syrah’ is beyond me…this stuff is big, it’s as black as dog’s guts…



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